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Huge Traffic review

May 25th, 2009 No comments

HugeTraffic adult affiliate program for popular dating site Fling. This sponsor can convert virtually all kinds on traffic TGP/MGP, blogs, tubes, galleries or freesites so I really like using them. They have big variety of good promo tools, especially great converting GEO targeted tools. Unlike some other dating sponsor ads, their ads load faster and their GEO tools are very accurate.

Promo Tools
HugeTraffic has really good promo tools. As I said their GEO tools are topnotch and that’s why they can convert almost all kinds of traffic, so you should use them as much as possible. GEO tools include: GEO Thumbs Builder, GEO Instant Message Builder, GEO Scroller Builder, GEO Text, GEO RSS, GEO Graphic banners, GEO Scrolling banners and GEO Animated banners. They have also lots of amateur/ex-gf type of FHG and content you can download (pictures and videos).

PPS or RevShare
PPS (see more about it below).
Also note that if you signup as PPS or RevShare you can’t later change that! (as far as I know)

My Stats
Here is the picture of my stats with HugeTraffic. As you can see below I’ve signed up as RevShare and to date of writing this post I had 20 sales + 6 conversions totaling to 26 sales and 27 rebills. I’ve was using those ads on my blogs (seo traffic) and tgp/mgp (shitty traffic). So to date I’ve made $895 by sending 18,262 hits, making the paid join ratio 1:913 (free join ratio 1:41). That ratio is not bad but also not very good, and reason it’s so high is shitty tgp/mpg traffic I’ve used. Anyway, if we divide $895/18.262 = $0.049 per click (a bit less than 5 cents per click). If I’ve signed up as PPS I would make 27x$35 = 945. So for now it’s not a big difference, but math says that I would do better with PPS.
Huge Traffic Stats (click on image for full res)

Webmaster Refferal Program
HugeTraffic‘s webmaster program pays $200 per active member. Active member is affiliate that joins using your webmaster referral link and makes 10 sales. Than, after he makes 10 sales, you get your reward of $200 an it looks just like this:
HugeTraffic Webmaster Referral stats

– good promo tools
– converts good on all kinds of traffic
– everything is easy to use

– once you signup as PPS or RevShare you can’t change that later

Huge Traffic
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