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Adult-Profit closed

Those fuckers closed their affiliate program stealing sales and rebills from honest webmasters… Their pay sites are still alive and taking new members… Looks like their new affiliate program is now called drawn-cash.com so keep away…

Adult-Profit is one of the biggest celebrity sponsors around. They have great promo tools, regularly updated sites and are the only celebrity sponsor (that I know of) that have celebrity comics site that is also selling quite good with comics traffic. On top of that they also have Pornstar, Big Tits and Gay sites that you can promote.

Promo ToolsFirst of all there are lot of picture and video free hosted galleries, followed by free hosted banners. As far as I know they are the only celebrity sponsor providing hosted FLVs ready to be imported into a tube site (running TEVS or NubilesTube script). There is also a hosted TGP site where you can “trade” with them, and if user signs up on any gallery on that site – you’ll get the credit plus you’ll also get your traffic back and that’s really cool feature!

PPS or RevShare
Even though I had good rebills with RevShare it was really hard to get sales on it so I’d suggest using PPS, since I had better ratios, pay per click was bigger or PPS.

My StatsLet’s analyze my stats a bit. I was using Adult-Profit links in TGP submitted galleries, on my TGP sites and on my blogs. There are probably lots of shitty traffic (coming from my TGP sites that were target of some hit bots quite often) so that’s why unique hits and join ratio are so big. From 26,531 unique visitors I had only two RevShare sales and that’s horrible (signup ratio bigger than 1:13,000), but those two made 12 rebills so I actually made $120 per sale over the time and that is really nice. My cost per click on RevShare is something less that $0,01 (actually $0.00907). On the other hand on the PPS from 37,862 unique visitors I had 17 sales $30 each. My join ratio is 1:2,227 and my pay per click is slightly bigger than $0.01 (actually $0.01347). Adult-Profit also has free sites program paying $15 per free signup. I was using it on a site that had a lot of hit-bot traffic so like 50,000 of those hits are probably just bots. Other 15 sales came from a blog (seo traffic) in pretty short term.
Adult-Profit stats

Webmaster Refferal ProgramThey are paying 10% of earning of referred webmasters. I have referred five of them but looks like only two were active and made me extra $47.

– good promo tools, lots of Free Hosted Galleries ahd hosted FLVs
– free hosted TGP (really cool thing)

– no blog RSS feeds or even better RSS morphing feeds
– a bit higher join ratio (over 1:1.000) in my case

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