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January 17th, 2014

I have been adult webmaster for years now but because of my mainstream project I’m slowly leaving adult and I’m selling all of my adult websites because I can’t maintain them… So, if you are interested in buying any adult websites – CLICK HERE.

I’m also interested in finding a partner to run my sites and to split revenue. He will get access to my sites, training from me, I’ll take care of domains and hosting and ensure that everything will work and his job would be just to work (update sites). If you’re a grunt worker and you’re interested in something like this – CONTACT ME.

I am also a web developer, php coder and I know a lot about installing, making and running sites, fixing bugs, migrating sites to new server, optimizing websites etc. If you’re looking for someone reliable to fix your shit or to do some coding job for you – CLICK HERE. If you’re looking to hire a geek for your company or a start-up feel free to CONTACT ME.

If you’re newbie and you want to avoid being ripped ofg – check out my SHIT LIST.

If you’re not interested in anything above – GTFO of my website you wanker 🙂

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